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1. Getting to Know Breast Tomosynthesis

· Breast Cancer
· History of Mammography
· Applications of Mammography
· How Mammography Has Been Traditionally Performed
· Benefits of Digital Mammography
· Mammographic Imaging Theory
· Limitations of Mammography, Sensitivity, Specificity
· Other Performance Limitations of Mammography
· Introduction to Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
· DBT is Tomographic Imaging
· Tomosynthesis Image Reconstruction
· Clinical Availability of Breast Tomosynthesis
· FFDM Plus DBT Imaging
· One-view Versus Two-view Tomosynthesis
· Radiation Dose
· Early Results with Breast Tomosynthesis, Oslo Study, STORM Study, The Rose Study, JAMA Tomosynthesis Study
· Performance of Breast Tomosynthesis by Breast Type and in the Diagnostic Setting



2. DBT Hardware and System Operation

· Overview of a Tomosynthesis Mammography System
· Acquisition Workstation
· Introduction to the Gantry and its Functional Sections
· X-ray Generation Section of the Gantry
· High Voltage Generator
· Mammography X-ray Tube
· Motion of the X-ray Tube - Design Considerations
· Breast Positioning Section of the Gantry
· Compression Hardware
· Image Detection Section of the Gantry
· Anti-scatter Grid
· Digital Detectors
· Detector Readout Electronics
· Analog-to-Digital Converter
· Image Formation
· Formation of an FFDM Image
· Formation of Projection Images
· Reconstruction of Tomographic Images
· Synthesized FFDM Images
· Image Review and Distribution
· Picture Archiving and Communication System
· Softcopy Review Workstation
· Hardcopy Device

3. DBT in Clinical Practice

· Site Readiness
· MQSA Site Certification
· MQSA Staff Education Requirements
· Consideration of Which Patients Receive DBT
· Benefits of Breast Tomosynthesis
· Screening vs. Diagnostic Exams
· Density of Breast Tissue
· Implant Patients
· Large Breasts
· Performing the Exam
· Quality Control
· Tomosynthesis Geometry Quality Control
· Detector Quality Control
· AEC/Dose Performance Quality Control
· Output Device Quality Control
· Advanced Options
· Contrast Enhanced Breast Imaging
· Biopsy with Tomosynthesis Guidance
· Computer Aided Detection
· Breast Density Assessment Software
· Comparing with Priors
· Network Requirements for DBT
· Displaying DBT Images
· Workflow
· Artificial Intelligence


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