Founded in July 1991 by its current president Philip A. Femano, Ph.D., Medical Imaging Consultants, Inc. (MIC) has since established itself as the pioneer in educational systems in the field of radiologic technology. And from the very start, MIC’s simple but profound mission has been to develop professional educational products and services for imaging and oncology professionals to help them enhance their career by optimizing clinical and financial outcomes and, in so doing, save lives!

The consistent ability to comprehend, forecast, and adapt quickly to a rapidly changing industry has enabled MIC to maintain its leadership by developing a broad spectrum of professional support services for radiology management as well as comprehensive, relevant, innovative, and effective continuing education programs for professionals in radiology.

As experts in medical imaging, we know how to teach it very effectively. Ask around and chances are you’ll find many other imaging professionals who have already relied on MIC for their own professional education. We help make the learning process easy by designing programs that are actually a pleasure to use. The results are training programs that are enjoyable and effective!


The broad scope of MIC’s accomplishments is derived from the versatile background of its award winning team of professionals forming a unique combination of innovative educators, radiologic technologists, life scientists, biomedical engineers, graphic artists, information technology experts and project managers. Every educational program developed by MIC has received Category A Continuing Education accreditation by either the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) or the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). These credits are all fully recognized by ARRT and NMTCB.

Manfacturers rely on MIC’s educational programs as part of the essential training that is associated with the purchase of radiology equipment because MIC’s courses not only satisfy the didactic requirement of ARRT and NMTCB post-primary credential exams, but also because MIC’s courses have a proven track record of being relevant, practical, economic, effective, and in high demand.

MIC has been invited to participate in several focus group conferences conducted by ARRT to develop important credential-related requirements regarding Targeted Continuing Education which formed the foundation for the development of ARRT’s Structured Education Requirement and the Continuing Qualifications Requirement. Since 2000, we have proudly served as the technologists’ advocate on education issues through our active role as an invited charter member of the Health Care Industry Advisory Council (HCIAC) which is an influential industry thinktank of the ASRT’s Education and Research Foundation. MIC maintains a loyal membership in the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) and the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences (AEIRS).

Several of us at MIC have been invited to speak at formal symposia under the auspices of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), the Society of Magnetic Resonance Technologists (SMRT), the U.S. military, the Health Care Industry Advisory Council, most of the major radiology equipment manufacturers, and to also sit on the Editorial Review Board of Miller Freeman’s quarterly MRI Industry Report, and write numerous articles for publications in radiology.

We have received awards from the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) for being the first to develop VR technology for 3D display of vascular MR images and is the proud recipient of AHRA’s Gary Boyd Editorial Award for developing an innovative training paradigm for technologists, which AHRA praised as being “timely, current, and most relevant”. The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded five patents for inventions which include an implantable electronic device which promotes functional recovery of the injured spinal cord, a stereoscopic accessory to standard video camcorders which can create realistic educational presentations (eg., for surgeons), and a magnetic source imaging technology based on magnetostrictive fiber optic sensors.


The company enjoys the support of every healthcare provider market segment ranging from the smallest rural radiology facility to the largest luminary Level 1 Trauma Center. Our students have received tuition sponsorship not only from their employers but also from every major radiology equipment manufacturer and pharmaceutical firm. Instructors at dozens of colleges and universities across the nation use MIC’s educational content as the primary adjunct to their own educational programs. National Accounts include government and corporate clients in imaging systems, contrast media, healthcare provider consortia, and the U.S. military.

Management Services

MIC provides a wide variety of management services as an important adjunct to corporate clients. Such services include:

  • Resource-critical database development and logistics
  • Customer registration in educational programs,
  • National regulatory agency notification of CE credits earned
  • Educational systems development and Category A accreditation
  • Codification, management, and reporting of Targeted Continuing Education
  • Standardized competency testing and analysis
  • Manpower capacity assessment
  • Market research
  • Expert witness
  • Focus group and thinktank probes
  • Meeting planning, (e.g. user meetings, sales training seminars, convention planning)
  • Executive summaries of industry issues

MIC is well aware of its strengths and boundaries and takes care to constrain its business scope to its key areas of expertise.