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1. System Operation and Components

· Computed Tomography Defined
· Overview of CT System Components
· CT Scanner Designs Including Multi-Row Detector, Electron Beam, PET/CT Scanners and Cone Beam CT in Oncology
· Operator's Console
· Host Computer
· The Gantry
· Patient Table
· The CT X-ray Tube
· Review of X-ray Production
· Collimation
· Detectors: Composition, Function, Single and Multi-Row
· Array Processor
· Picture Archiving and Communication System
· Networks, DICOM, Electronic Health Record

2. CT Image Formation

· Overview of a Digital Image
· The Digital CT Image
· Scanning Methods
· Localizer Scan
· Conventional Serial CT Scan
· Single-row Detector CT Scanners
· Multi-row Detector Scanners
· Helical Scan
· Image Reconstruction Including Back Projection, Convolution, Iterative Reconstruction and Cone Beam Reconstruction
· Retrospective Reconstruction
· Multiplanar Reconstruction
· 3D Shaded Surface Display
· Volume Rendering
· Maximum Intensity Projection
· Filming and Archiving

3. CT Image Quality

· Spatial Resolution, Temporal Resolution, Contrast, Noise, Dose
· Linear Attenuation Coefficient
· CT Number
· mAs
· kVp
· Slice Thickness on Single-row and Multi-row Detector Scanners
· Table Increment
· Pitch
· Reconstruction Interval
· Field-of-View (scan, reconstruction, display)
· Matrix
· Magnification
· Window Width and Window Level
· Quality Assurance

4. Patient Handling and Safety

· Ethical and Legal Issues
· Patient Education, Screening and Preparation
· Radiation Protection for Personnel
· Lab Values
· Radiation Safety and Measuring Radiation Dose
· Ways to Minimize Patient Dose
· CT Dose Notification and Alerts
· Patient Monitoring and Code Procedures
· Management of Accessory Medical Devices
· Vital Signs
· Infection Control



5. IV Procedures and Contrast Agents

· Types of Contrast Agents
· Administration Route
· Dissociation, Osmolality and Viscosity of Agents
· IV Site Selection and Injection Rate
· Dose Calculations
· Contraindications
· Adverse Reactions
· Pathologic Processes
· Intrathecal Contrast
· Intraarticular Contrast
· Examples of Contrast Media Usage

6. CT Exam and Anatomy I

· Detailed discussion of exam procedures, labeled anatomy and case studies for exams in the head (including brain perfusion), neck, spine, musculoskeletal system and the vessels of these regions

7. CT Exam and Anatomy II

· Detailed discussion of exam procedures, labeled anatomy and case studies for exams in the chest, abdomen, pelvis and the vessels of these regions as well as special procedures including PET/CT and SPECT/CT, CT arthrography, CT colonography, radiation therapy planning, cardiac synchronization, calcium scoring, and left ventricular cardiac function

8. CT Artifacts

· Beam Hardening
· Partial Volume Averaging
· Motion
· Metal
· Edge Gradient Effect
· Equipment-Induced
· Cone Beam


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